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Interior Design





Regeneration of an Industrial Site

Semester 10__



In cooperation with other students


Development of a concept for the new utilisation of a former factory site.


The former Felt-Factory-Hess (built in 1904) is situated in the south of the cultural town of Speyer (pop. 50 000).

The ancient town on the banks of the river Rhine is over 2000 years old and had its heyday when it was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. The structure of the town center and the minster of the emperor are remnants from the medieval period. The town's current building substance stems from the 18th century.

Speyer is part of the economic region of the Rhine-Neckar-Triangle. It has one large company and a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, large administrations of the province and the churches. Tourism is a very important factor for the town. Speyer offers a variety of cultural events, particularly in the fields of music and visual arts.


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