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Nomad's Hotel

Communication Spaces for Working Nomads

Semester 9


Development of a concept for temporary habitation of modern nomads (travelling workforce) at the eastern harbour of Frankfurt. _XELLA - student's competition


The target group needs flexible residential space with convenient transport links. Working nomads combine the wish for self-realisation with a high degree of sociableness. Therefore the building offers space for seclusion and encounters.

Concept of the Building

The building consists of 2 parallel residential wings connected with a large-scale hall, 3 bridge structures permeate and link residential wings and hall. The residential wings offer various residential forms for 120 - 160 inhabitants, from single rooms to shared duplex appartments. 2 large openings connect the hall with the exterior, in the west facade as loggia and in the east facade as winter garden. The hall contains the communal area with footbridges, stairs and elevators. Its alcoves and platforms offer meeting points as well as space for seclusion. The bridge structures accommodate special utilisations like a media centre, restaurant and recreation areas.

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