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Building in the Landscape - Information Centre 'Sea of Rocks'

The visitor follows the stream up the slope through a cleft into an inner courtyard. At its rear wall the water of the steam runs down to a great pool. Through this wall the visitor enters the subterranean building to learn something about the history of the earth.



Concept of the Building

3 shells inside each other

- the outer shell with contact to the soil has the soft shapes of a cave, the walls are from
_ regional granite, the floor is covered with sand

- the middle Shell that forms the courtyard has an orthogonal shape, smooth concrete walls
_ and a smoothed screed floor

- the inner shell is a timber-construction that contains the interior furnishing, walls and floor
_ are lined with larch boards

The different characteristics of the shells create exciting spacial situations at the points where they meet.

The buiding provides for a foyer, a geological exhibition with a film area, a separable workshop area, a catering area related to the exterior space, a shop for products of the region, rooms for storage, facilities and a plant room all situated on the ground floor. The upper floor gallery contains space for the cultural history exhibition and staff rooms.

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